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Fall Pruning Services in Erie, PA to Prep Your Lawn & Garden

Fall Prunings Services in Erie, PA by lawn care professionals at Greenscape Lawn & Garden Services, Inc.

Often times, people are unsure of how to prep their plants for the upcoming spring season. At Greenscape Lawn & Garden Services, Inc. we understand the proper techniques of pruning shrubs and trees to make sure there is no damage while doing heavy pruning. 

Below are a couple of ways that our team of lawn care professionals can help improve the health of your ornamental trees and shrubs by using the proper practice for pruning.

Greenscape Lawn & Garden Service professionals will prune your trees and shrubs in the fall to early spring while the plants are dormant to ensure that insects or diseases don't get into the plant through fresh cuts. We will look for insect problems and signs of disease as we prune.

We will also cut back all prennials and grasses and haul away all debris. Enjoy your free time with no worries!

Greenscape Lawn & Garden Services will also prune your crabapples, fruit trees, ornamental trees, etc. during the winter months.


Contact Greenscape Lawn & Garden Services to handle all your landscape pruning/trimming needs and to improve the look of your yard look before spring arrives!