Fall Clean-up For Residential & Commercial in Erie, PA

Fall Clean-up is just as important as Spring Clean-up for your lawn and garden.

At Greenscape Lawn and Garden Services, servicing Erie County Pennsylvania, our team of professionals will help winterize your yard.

Our lawn care services include:

  • You Rake ‘Em – We Take ‘Em!

    • Get your leaves to the curb and our crew will come and suck them up into a vacuum truck, eliminating the need for bagging heavy wet leaves and hauling them to the dump!
  • Final Grass Cutting

    • Our lawn care experts will be sure to mow the lawn as short as possible by the end of the season to help keep leaves from settling in the grass which cause it to die off.
  • End of Season Planting

    • It’s a great time of year to plant so when spring arrives, the work will already be done for you.
  • Heavy Pruning

    • Not sure how much pruning is enough? No worries! Our team will cut down all perennials for the season and apply pre-emergent’s to keep new weed seed from germinating, eliminating heavy weed germination in the spring. We also offer pruning or fertilizing needed to keep plants healthy.

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